Preparing your lawn for summer!

How to ensure that your patch of paradise is ready for the warmer months..


One thing Joondalup Turf Farm knows for sure is that we definitely can’t control the weather, but what we can do is try our best to care for and prepare our lawns to deal with the tough conditions that tend to come along with summer. 

Although there are so many great aspects of summer, what the warmer seasons often mean for your lawn is a significant amount of growth and pressure from heat, wind, dryness and frequent use.  

Here are some tips to help your lawn survive and look lush throughout the sunniest time of year: 

To do before your lawn care plan..

There are a number of easy tasks you can do before delving into a complete lawn care plan, one such task is determining how much water you have to use and whether there are water restrictions you need to abide by. Doing the obvious like raking up leaf or stick debris that blocks sunlight, airflow and water which all allow your grass to grow properly is also a great job to start with. Getting rid of extra lawn debris also prevents pests, diseases and brown patches. Ensuring that your mower blades are sharp to avoid tearing your lawn and leaving it weak and vulnerable to pests is another basic requirement to have checked off the list! 


Watering depends on a number of factors including the variety of grass that you have, how much water you have access to and whether your region is affected by water restrictions. It is recommended that you water your lawn early in the morning for about 15 minutes, twice a week, in order for your lawn to absorb the moisture effectively, this way you encourage the development of strong root growth in your lawn. Although if you’re short on water, only worry about watering the parts of the lawn that are drying out or where you want to stay green. We also encourage deep watering if possible, of roughly 2.5cms of water once a week as it is great during the growing phase. Infrequent but deep watering encourages deep and strong roots. 


It will be great for your lawn if you mow it on a regular basis, in a different pattern each time. Be sure to never cut more than one third of the grass plant and always use a mower with sharp blades. If you can try to mow your lawn relatively frequently throughout the spring, the roots will become nice and sturdy for the summer. One summer does arrive, raise the cutting height of your lawnmower, leaving the grass longer to better shade the soil and retain moisture. 


Aerating your lawn is best done in the early springtime, every couple of years depending on the frequency of traffic around the area. Doing so helps to promote the healthy formation of the lawn’s root system and allows the grass to breathe while enabling water, nutrients and oxygen to infiltrate.


While the main time for weeding would be considered spring, weeds often continue to thrive in summer. Dandelions and Cats Ear in particular have large tap roots and commonly survive in tough dry conditions, so they are definitely ones to look out for. When removing weeds, the best method is to always remove by hand and ensure that you remove the whole weed, including the roots. Be wary of applying herbicides to your lawn throughout summer as some brands suggest avoiding use during hot conditions. 


Before fertilising be sure that you know what sort of grass variety you have as different varieties require different treatments and applications. It is best to apply a slow release fertiliser in the early months of summer to encourage growth. It is also important to note that once temperatures reach 30 degrees that you should not fertilise your lawn as it can potentially chemically burn your lawn’s blades.  

Make sure the grass is green on your side of the fence this summer..

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