Wintergreen Grass in Perth

Wintergreen Grass

The Low on maintenance, High on colour retention wintergreen lawn.

Wintergreen grass is characterised by a dark, fine leaf, and is the most popular hybrid Couch in the Perth region. Once established, Wintergreen will come back even if it is not watered during summer. Thickness is 18mm.

With a fine, dense and soft leaf texture, making it a practical yet attractive choice for Perth homes and commercial areas. Wintergreen grass is known for high colour retention under low winter temperatures and partial shade and has a number of attractive qualities:

  • Low or non-irritant to humans and pets
  • Low invasion
  • Low to medium maintenance
  • Low to medium maintenance
  • High tolerance to water logging
  • Excellent wear and restorative qualities
  • Excellent winter colour retention
  • Good disease/pest resistance
  • Requires minimum 4-5 hours direct sunlight daily
  • Spread from runners or turf roll

Although Wintergreen is more commonly utilised with commercial lawn and turf applications due to its hard wearing characteristics, and is ideal for high traffic areas such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Bowling greens
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sports ovals

The variety is also ideal for soil stabilisation areas, roadsides, urban in-fill areas or where hard wearing or close mowing is required. With its low maintenance qualities, it is also great for Perth rental properties and homes.


A roll of Wintergreen grass is 18mm thick and there are several tools and machines available which can assist in achieving the perfect finish.

A motorised disk roller is ideal for effectively installing runners or shredders and is essential for planting large lawn and turf areas. Motorised disk rollers are limited in availability from Perth hire places as they are an exclusive and specialised type of equipment. We offer great rates on hiring motorised disk rollers.

A twenty inch plate compactor is available from most Perth hire places and is useful to ensure the turf is properly adhered to the ground. Our lawn and turf experts recommend this method for 40 metres of lawn or more, within 20 hours of laying the lawn.

A serrated bread knife is a trick of the trade to easily cut the lawn around sprinkles and other obstacles, as well as being a much better tool to handle effectively.


Wintergreen grass should be mowed every 10-14 days at a height of approximately 8-12mm during summer. In winter, mow every 3-5 weeks and raise the mowing height to approximately 12-16mm. It is good to ensure all lawns are fertilised going into winter, as well as ensuring the lawn is watered regularly for the best results.

Pricing and Advice

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