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I’ve been a landscape gardeneer for 30 years, I have been buying lawn from Joondalup Turf Farm for a number of years now. The farm provide quality grass and service. The lawn is freshly cut and always of best quality. The best thing about their product is the thickness of the turf. Most other farms cut their lawn shallow providing little soil under the roll, whereas at Joondalup they cut much deeper, so the lawn will not dry out, as the extra soil underneath will hold more moisture.

I’ve laid their soft tip buffalo at my place and it has always looked and performed well, I fertilised just before the winter set in and has maintained its rich green colour through the cold months.

I’ve never had any complaints from customers after laying Joondalup Turf Farm’s lawn. I have even supplied and laid their soft tip lawn for the premier Colin Barnett.

They load and off-load their lawn the old fashioned way, by hand. Which means they can off-load the lawn in different parts of the job site. Whic means moving and laying is made eaier not having to move the lawn from one location from a pallet. IO also like the fact i can turn up and have laen cut at the farm on the day required without the drama, and be on my way

Scott J

I rang Joondalup Turf Farm to make enquiries about different types of lawn to make enquiries about different types of lawn. They provided me with a lot of information so I could make a more informed judgement about which lawn would suit my needs.

As well as providing much needed information they gave me a contact number for a contractor to lay the lawn.

I was very please with not only the quality of the lawn and the service; the contractor did a great job. I was also given plenty of information regarding the maintenance of the lawn.

My lawn has been down for a while now and i couldn’t be happier.

Terrie Dickerson

Just completed putting down the Wintergreen grass in my backyard and the dog absolutely loves it.

Thanks for your quick delivery (no other Turf Farm could do it) on such short notice for our party tomorrow.

Thank you so very much.


I rang your farm regarding the purchase of lawn for my front and back gardens. the sales staff were excellent in giving me advise on the different types of lawn that would be suitable for my situation and even invited me to go to the farm to view the lawns which I did and it was great for me to see all the varieties of lawn. I made my choice there and then and had delivery of the lawn the next day. My neighbours constantly remark how lovely my lawn looks.

Thanks to you and your staff for such a great service.