Your most asked questions about lawn care

lawn care

Perth’s go-to turf specialists have the answers to all of your FAQ’s about everything to do with garden and lawn care..

Lawn Care

If you’re a lawn lover you’ll already be across the benefits that taking care of your grass can have not just for you and your family, but for the community and the environment. More specifically, your turf absorbs noise, provides a beloved place to play and relax, creates oxygen, traps pollutants from the atmosphere therefore cleaning the air, absorbs rainfall, cools your home, as well as contributing to community green space, resulting in a beautiful neighbourhood which raises your property value and home marketability. 

Although sometimes it can be difficult, especially in Perth due to our unique climatic conditions, to know when to weed and feed a lawn in order to keep it thriving and able to provide all of these benefits. As one of Perth’s go-to turf specialists able to provide all of our clients with the right selection for their gardens, whether they’re located on the coast or the hills, we encounter every issue and inquiry you could imagine. 

Here are some questions that Joondalup Turf Farm receives most frequently about garden and lawn maintenance and care:

When should I water my lawn? 

It is best to water your lawn early in the morning when the temperature is cooler. The cooler temperature means there is less water evaporation. This is better for your lawn, and for our environment!

How much should I water my turf after it has been installed? 

Within 30 minutes of installation, it is advised that you give your lawn at least 25mm of water, ensuring the water has soaked through and that the soil is moist. We then recommend watering it daily after installing lawn turf depending on weather conditions in order to keep your turf moist until it is firmly rooted. 

How often and at what time should I fertilise my lawn? 

You can usually tell when to fertilise lawn as it will discolour to a yellow or pale green. It is suggested that you fertilise once a season, or at the least, once in early spring. Extra care should be taken fertilising when the humidity is high as this could encourage fungus. Try to avoid fertilising in the morning as dew on the leaves could cause the fertiliser to stick to them and later burn them as the day heats up. Aim to fertilise when there is less heat in the air, evenly spreading it over the lawn and water immediately. 

My lawn is dull in colour and has a whitish tinge, what could this be? 

The cause of your lawn being dull in colour with a white tinge may be due to your mower blades being dull and shredding the leaf tips. These leaf tips will then turn white or brown as the shredded tips die off. 

My grass has bare patches from pet urine, what should I do to fix this? 

Dog urine is extremely high in nitrogen, which is what causes lawn burn and these bare patches. We recommend applying lawn seed to those bare areas, which assists with germination that should roughly take 5-7 days. Although this may be a slower process in colder areas and when the soil is not kept sufficiently moist. 

My lawn is brown, sparse and dry. How do I get it to look better?

Regular watering, applications of quality slow release fertiliser, and mowing are the basic essentials to get your soon-to-be green lawn looking lush. Watering and mowing at least weekly during warmer months is recommended.

My grass has a lot of weeds. How do I get rid of them? 

It is best to first determine whether they are ‘broadleaf’ or ‘grass-type’ weeds. If you mainly see broadleaf weeds growing in your lawn, herbicide would be the best and safest option for you. Whereas with grass-type weeds, the ideal strategy is prevention, by applying a ‘pre-emergent’ herbicide before the weeds appear. 

Why choose Joondalup Turf Farm for all of your lawn needs?

Not only do we provide the best turf varieties in Perth, based upon more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we can help you with every aspect of selecting, installing and maintaining your new lawn. Every client that works with us receives a complimentary lawn care plan filled with information on the upkeep of your new patch of paradise. 

Joondalup Turf Farm Perth can assist every one of our clients when it comes to preparing for new lawn turf, lawn repair, installation and management. We also offer quick delivery and the option for you to pick up the best lawn turf at a time that is convenient for you, making buying lawn turf a breeze!

We also encourage you to call us for advice and assistance – we’re open 7 days a week so we’re able to help you whether you’re a busy landscaper on your way to your next job or a weekend warrior laying lawn in the family backyard!

If you have any questions that weren’t answered here or are interested in any of the turf that we supply, feel free to contact us at (08) 9404 7821, one of our lawn experts will be happy to assist you!