Soft Buffalo Grass/Lawn in Perth

Soft Buffalo Roll on Turf

Buffalo Turf is the perfect grass type for Perth family backyards

Soft Buffalo lawn is characterised by a soft, velvet green, lush texture, which retains its colour in part shade and during Perth’s winter months. Research shows Velvet Buffalo is comparatively better than other varieties on the Perth market for keeping its colour and for resistance to stress. ‘Out of 12 Soft Buffalo University studies, Joondalup’s Velvet variety comes top of the list for tough wearing in stressful conditions. Soft Buffalo lawn is a non-itchy species, which was developed as an alternative to the Tough or Original Buffalo variety. Characterised by a smaller leaf and stem, Soft Buffalo is more succulent, tender and soft to touch. It is a non-invasive lawn perfect for Perth family backyards and can be used as soft coverage for:

  • Kids play areas
  • Backyards
  • Lower traffic areas
  • Partly shaded areas
  • Residential or smaller applications

Soft Buffalo lawn Installation & maintenance

The thickness of the roll of Soft Buffalo grass is 35mm and installation is fairly simple. Joondalup Turf Farm can provide further advice on the installation for your lawn variety.

To maintain the appearance of your Soft Buffalo lawn it should ideally be mowed every 10-14 days at a height of approximately 8-12mm during summer. During winter mow the lawn every 3-5 weeks and raise the mowing height to approximately 12-16mm. It is ideal to ensure adequate watering and fertilisation, especially leading into winter.

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