Lawn Types in Perth

Aspects to consider when choosing one of our roll-on lawn types

If you’ve decided to make the switch to turf, then there are a few things to consider when selecting your preferred grass type. While most roll-on lawn types will thrive in Perth’s sunny climate; some species are better suited to WA’s unique climatic conditions than others. Before you start panicking about selecting the right one, Joondalup Turf Farm will help you select the best grass type for your home.

With years of experience and knowledge to share, we know that every lawn has its positive and negative points, and that it’s about selecting the best lawn to suit your requirements. From questions about watering to tips on fertilisers and maintenance, we are here to help. Contact us today.

What to consider when looking at different turf/grass types

  • Position: Will your lawn be shaded or receive direct sunlight? Consider the sun positioning in both the summer and winter months.
  • Purpose: Lawns can be decorative, or be a cooling space for the kids to play. Think about whether your grass will receive high foot traffic.
  • Maintenance: How much time can you dedicate to watering and mowing? Even low-maintenance lawns require some care to keep them looking their best.
  • Water: With Perth water restrictions, you may want to choose a more water-wise lawn if you are covering large areas.

Our lawn types

Joondalup Turf Farm stocks and supplies a range of grass species which are well-suited to meeting the demands of Perth’s weather conditions. Discover some of the key features of the following lawn types suited to our dry climate:

There are a lot of variations to suit different purposes. If you are not sure which is best for your landscape, our professional team can help you make a selection. If you need further assistance. We’re just a phone call away. Get in touch.

Kikuyu commercial Grass

Kikuyu Grass in Perth

The low maintenance Turf perfect for commercial applications Ideal for ovals, large blocks and industrial estates. Kikuyu grass is characterised by a light green colour and succulent style texture. This lawn requires little maintenance, and once established, will survive on little water, with a natural ability to stop weeds taking hold. Thickness is 25mm. (Supplied shredded or as Kikiyu runners). However, it can be invasive so it’s bes[...]

Soft Buffalo Roll on Turf

Soft Buffalo Grass/Lawn in Perth

Buffalo Turf is the perfect grass type for Perth family backyards Soft Buffalo lawn is characterised by a soft, velvet green, lush texture, which retains its colour in part shade and during Perth’s winter months. Research shows Velvet Buffalo is comparatively better than other varieties on the Perth market for keeping its colour and for resistance to stress. ‘Out of 12 Soft Buffalo University studies, Joondalup’s Velvet variety come[...]

Wintergreen Grass

Wintergreen Grass in Perth

The Low on maintenance, High on colour retention wintergreen lawn. Wintergreen grass is characterised by a dark, fine leaf, and is the most popular hybrid Couch in the Perth region. Once established, Wintergreen will come back even if it is not watered during summer. Thickness is 18mm.With a fine, dense and soft leaf texture, making it a practical yet attractive choice for Perth homes and commercial areas. Wintergreen grass is known for[...]

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