Lawn Soil

The health of your lawn is more dependent on the quality of the soil than anything else. The soil provides nutrients, in the form of oxygen and water to the grass, and in the absence of this, you will end up with a rather pitiful looking lawn. A lawn where lushness and a strong turf is not as good as it should be, the lawn soil will definitely be the reason for this. Before venturing into removing all the lawn and soil to lay a new turf, there are ways of improving the soil.

Methods to improve your lawn soil

Turf Fertilisers

Do not be fooled. Chemical fertilisers will supply excellent nourishment to the lawn, but it will not improve the soil.

Moistening Agents

Quite a number of Australian soil types resist water naturally, while other soils become water repellent over time during the hot summer days.

Potential of Hydrogen (PH) Test

A pH test is the quickest and least expensive method to improve a lawn soil. This simple test will quickly determine whether our soil is alkaline or acidic. Lawns require a soil pH of between 6.0 and 7.0, and ideally at 6.5 in order to flourish.

Top Dress Lawns

Applying a rich organic soil mixture to the top of the turf is best done to improve sandy soil types by applying a layer of soil no greater than 1cm thick to the top of the lawn. The soil is then watered into the grass, and when done correctly, there should be almost no trace of the soil left on top of the grass. Repeat this process annually to continue to improve lawn soil.

Organic Fertilisers

Organic lawn fertilisers are usually based on manure products or other naturally occurring substance. Chemical lawn fertilisers can be added a couple of times a year to help improve the organic richness of the soil. Be careful not to mow the lawn after adding the pellets as the lawnmower may catch and remove all the natural goodness added to enhance the soil.

Continuous  Improvement of Lawn Soils

Improving lawn soils should be an on-going process of lawn care over the life of the turf, so continue to monitor the health of the lawn and the soil as required.