Lawn Soil

The common denominator for thriving plants and lawn is the soil.

A healthy lawn can be attributed to a number of things, with the quality of the soil as the biggest attributing factor. There is no such thing as the ‘best grass for poor soil’. This is because soil feeds grass with oxygen and water amongst other nutrients – and in the absence of this, you will end up with a rather pitiful looking lawn. In the case of a lawn that lacks lushness and a strong turf, soil can always be considered as the reason. Before exploring the removal of the lawn and soil to lay a new turf, there are many ways of improving the soil first.

Different methods to improve lawn soil


Although chemical fertilisers are an excellent supplier of nourishment and a method of soil preparation for lawn, it will not improve the soil. The problem needs to be addressed at it’s source.

Use a moistening product

There are a variety of Australian soil types that naturally resist water, while other soils start to repel water over time due to increasingly hot summer days.

Perform a pH test

A pH test is the quickest and most cost-effective way of improving the soil of any lawn type. This involves a simple test that quickly determines whether the soil is alkaline or acidic. What is the best lawn soil? Healthy lawn soil has a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0, and flourish at 6.5.

Top dress your lawn

In order to improve soil types that are sandy, one can apply a rich and organic soil mixture to the top 1cm of the turf. Knowing how much topsoil to add for lawn is important, as there should be little to no trace of soil on the grass. This can be done annually to better the condition of your lawn soil.

Organic fertilisers

Manure and other naturally occurring substances make up organic lawn fertilisers, while chemical lawn fertilisers don’t cause harm when added a few times annually to better the organic richness of the soil.
Organic lawn fertilisers are usually based on manure products or other naturally occurring substance. Remember that mowing the lawn after adding the pellets will do harm by removing the natural goodness that was added to enhance the soil.

Ongoing maintenance

The continued improvement of lawn soils is an on-going process that takes place over the entire lifespan of the turf. Thus, you should always stay up-to-date with the health of your soil and lawn with regular monitoring.