Using organic products to care for your lawn

Why are people switching to organic gardening to tend to their patches of paradise?

We’ve all heard about organic fruits, vegetables, products and skincare, but what about going green when it comes to taking care of your lawn? Taking the organic route in your garden is increasing in popularity throughout Australia, and Joondalup Turf Farm is here to break down organic lawn care and all the recommended products to use to keep your lawn looking and feeling as lush as ever!

Firstly, it is important to address what organic lawn care is and why people are shifting from their tried and true traditional methods to gardening organically.

Organic gardening is when a garden is solely maintained without the use of synthetic products such as pesticides and fertilizers, as well as planting what will grow well in your climate and watering deeply but infrequently. 

The first reason that people are alternating to this method of gardening is to do with soil health and its complex mix of bacteria, fungi and mesofauna (this includes worms and predatory mites) which play vital roles in recycling nutrients and keeping plants and lawns healthy.

Utilising synthetic fertilisers can actually be detrimental and kills off this biological diversity, making it easier for pests and diseases to creep their way in, as well as causing a build up of salts in the soil which can harm plant roots. Whereas the use of organic fertilisers and mulches nurtures the microbes and mesofauna, keeping the soil nice and healthy. 

Saving the good bugs, like bees and lady beetles, that are beneficial to our environment is another factor people are considering when switching to organic products. Although there are some bad bugs that attack our plants, the majority of them are good and utilising organic products gives those beneficial insects the chance to re-establish themselves in your garden. 

Another reason organic lawn care is becoming increasingly popular is due to people wanting to limit chemical exposure as much as possible. We are exposed to so many different chemicals daily through pollution, the food we ingest, the products we use, as well as the buildings we live and work in.

People don’t want to have to worry about chemical exposure when it comes to their own front and back lawn, especially if they have children and pets. 

Below features a list of recommended organic products you could try on your lawn:

Eco-Hyrdrate –

Eco-Hydrate is a 100% biodegradable organic soil wetter and water saving product that draws extra moisture into the root zone of the plants. 

Eco-Seaweed –

This is a registered organic seaweed extract that is 100% soluble and stimulates a range of beneficial actions including reduced transplant shock, improved health and vigor, reduced incidence of disease, and improved drought tolerance.

Eco-Flo Lime –

Eco-Flo Lime is enriched with biochar, making this product perfect for rapidly correcting acidic soils and boosting calcium levels. 

Eco-Flo Dolomite –

This product is enriched with seaweed and is ideal for correcting acidic soils, as well as boosting calcium and magnesium levels. 

Eco-Flo Gypsum –

Eco-Flo Gypsum is full of biochar and is the perfect claybreaker and improver of soil structure. It also reduces sodium levels and boosts calcium and sulphur levels in your soil.  

If you have any enquiries about how to care for your lawn using organic products or how to care for your lawn in general, please don’t hesitate to give Joondalup Turf Farm a call at (08) 9404 7821, or head to our website for more information.