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lawn after rain
Mastering Lawn Care After Heavy Rain: Expert Tips for Restoration

After heavy rain, your lawn may need some extra TLC to bounce back to its lush and vibrant state. At Joondalup Turf Farm, we understand the importance of proper lawn care, especially during challenging weather conditions. In this guide, we'll share expert tips for revitalising your lawn after heavy rain, ensuring...

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Rain-soaked green lawn
Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Wet Weather

As the rain pours down and the grass grows lush, it's time to tackle the challenges of maintaining a healthy lawn in wet conditions. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie to lawn care, here at Joondalup Turf Farm, we will provide you with the insights and tips you need...

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lawn being mowed in perth
Cultivating a Flourishing Lawn: A Guide to Fertilisation

Maintaining a vibrant lawn in Joondalup requires dedication and knowledge. After all, a flourishing green space isn't just about aesthetics; it's an extension of your living area, a place for family gatherings and cherished weekend barbecues. Yet, even seasoned homeowners can find themselves perplexed by the intricacies of fertilisation. Fear not!...

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A close-up of a hand on a lawn.
Keeping Your Lawn Cool, Calm, and Collected Despite the Perth Scorcher: How to Maintain Your Lawn in Extreme Heat

Living in Perth, we know all too well the searing heat that summer brings. While we might be seeking icy treats and shady havens, our beloved lawns face a different kind of struggle. But fear not, fellow West Aussies! With a few smart adjustments, you can keep your lawn thriving even...

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fertilising keeps your lawn healthy
How to Fix a Patchy Lawn: Sat Goodbye to Lawn Patchiness Forever

A luscious green lawn not only enhances the beauty of your home but also creates a refreshing outdoor space. It's the perfect place for playtime and entertaining guests, providing a soft, natural surface for various activities. At Joondalup Turf Farm, your premier roll-on supplier in Perth, we understand the importance of...

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Tips for Laying New Turf: A Guide to Achieving a Lush Green Lawn

Ready to give your outdoor space a green makeover? Laying new turf is the way to go! Whether you’re reviving a tired lawn, creating a garden oasis, or enhancing your property’s curb appeal, transforming your outdoor space into a vibrant, green landscape can make a real difference.  In this article, we're...

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A close-up photo of lush, low-lying wintergreen couch grass with vibrant green leaves
All Things Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch grass is an excellent fit for Perth and its surrounding areas because of its ability to handle Western Australia’s warm climate. It's drought-tolerant, which is helpful in water-scarce places like Perth, and its capacity to thrive in shade makes it versatile for various garden conditions. Its fine texture and...

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roll on turf supply for residential customers and property developers
Budget-friendly ways to take care of your lawn

You don’t need to be cashed up to have high quality turf. Is there anything quite as satisfying as returning home to your lush, well-tended lawn that acts as a natural retreat from the chaos of everyday life? Your turf not only provides you with somewhere to take barefoot strolls, play...

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How Important is Soil to the Health of Your Lawn?

The turf suppliers Perth lawn-lovers can trust, Joondalup Turf Farm, share the facts about soil and how much of a factor it plays in maintaining your grass. In order to create and maintain a perfectly green lawn that will thrive, you’ve got to take it back to the basics. We’re talking...

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