1. How do I keep my lawn healthy?

Follow our tips to maintain a healthy lawn:

  • Add water as needed
  • A bit of fertiliser here and there
  • A wetting agent before Xmas
  • No more than 15 mows per year
  • Monitor for any potential issues
2. Can I lay my instant lawn in winter?

It’s a common myth that it’s not a good idea to lay your turf over the winter months. Laying your turf over the winter months can have its rewards. Don’t be put off with Perth’s winter water restrictions as one hand water after laying is okay or just wait for the next rains. Your lawn will thrive and take better over the winter. Best of all, we offer specials over the winter months

3. Do lawn beetles cause problems for lawn?

Beetle threats have long been over-rated, as a few beetles can actually be beneficial to your lawn. Beetles aerate your soil and provide a natural source of fertiliser.

4. My lawn is covered by shade and in a high traffic area, how do I prevent any issues?

Lawns growing in heavy or part shade and that see heavy traffic can lead to growth issues. To prevent issues ensure you mow lighter, as more leaf area can more easily pick up sunlight. It is also a good idea to prune overhanging branches where possible

5. When should I fertilise my grass?

Be sure to fertilise your lawn lightly every 6 weeks, with a follow up a week or two later. Late May in Perth is the best time to fertilise to keep your lawn looking good over winter.

6. How do I prevent weeds growing in my lawn?

A green, healthy and fully covered instant lawn will prevent most weeds. However, if you have too many weeds and hand weeding is an overwhelming task, there are many safe chemicals available. Be sure to solve the problem when it is small, instead of leaving weeds to grow on their own.

7. How do I know the perfect balance to ensure I do not over-water my lawn?

Train your instant lawn to grow deep roots by only watering twice weekly during a Perth summer. But add another 5 minutes to these times during a heat wave (i.e. if the temperature exceeds 38C).

8. When is the best time to water my lawn?

It is better to water your lawn in the mornings, as it is cooler and will allow for more water to soak into your soil. Never water your lawn in the evenings as some of the water streams off overnight, promoting disease and insect attacks.

9. My instant lawn has been watered but looks dry in the summer months, what can I do?

The number 1 problem for lawns in summer is that watering does not soak into the soil as readily; instead it runs off the lawn. This is usually caused by using a lawn mix soil base containing peat and sawdust. Water resistance occurs when these components break down into wax and oils, coating each grain of sand and reducing the ability of water to penetrate.

We recommend using several wetting agents alternatively on your instant lawn every 2 weeks until the water freely soaks through.

10. What is meant by a drought tolerant lawn?

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘drought tolerant’. For a lawn to be ‘water hardy’ at best, you need to have agood water holding soil- the thicker the better. See our installation page for more information.

11. What is the best instant lawn?

There are a lot of lawn types to suit different purposes. Our expert team know that every lawn has its positive and negative points and can help you select the best grass type to suit your requirements.

12. What are Joondalup Turf Farm’s gate opening hours?

Our Perth farm phone lines are open 7 days a week from 8am to 7pm for your convenience.

Deliveries happen Monday to Saturday. Please do call us for next day delivery.

Farm Pickup‘s are available Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday8am to 12:30pm.