Tips to keep your lawn weed and pest-free

Sick of weeds and pests infiltrating your luscious lawns and disrupting your outdoor space? Although weeds and pests are common in Aussie properties, they can be difficult to identify and even more challenging to banish! Leave it to the experts at Joondalup Turf Farm! We’re here to help you identify the state of your lawn and the symptoms at the root of your problem. Let’s get into the thick of it and discuss how to weed out the weeds—and keep them away for good! 


Winding weeds and pesky pests

Weeds and pests are a gardener’s nightmare. They can quickly take over your garden, making it appear messy and even harming your plants and turf. But what causes lawn weeds and pests? And how do you get rid of them?

A weed is any plant that grows in your lawn, flower beds, vegetable garden or other planted area where you don’t want it. They can be grasses or herbs, but they’re typically plants with a competitive nature and are hard to control. You’ll also find pests on your lawn, such as grubs, caterpillars and beetles that eat the roots of the grass in your lawn, which will weaken it. You may have seen these pests as you’re walking through your yard, or more likely, if you have a pet, they would have encountered these lawn nasties in their daily adventures outdoors.

Proactive prevention

Grass weeds can be prevented by manually pulling out the weeds when they are small, which removes them from harvesting any moisture before it has a chance to get established. Weed prevention through turf management reduces weeds’ growth cycle by depriving them of the nutrients needed to spread. 

1) Keep the soil moist and weed-free by watering regularly.

2) Remove weeds immediately before they grow and spread.

3) Use a mulch to suppress new weed growth.

Pests such as grubs or beetles can be prevented by laying down bark chips over the soil to expose them to predators, mainly when applied over turfgrass lawns and cool-season grasses.

Using lawn care techniques to keep insects away, like using a cover for bushes or using garden fencing, can also prevent insects from living in your yard and cluttering on your crops, contaminating your livestock or entering your home.

Lots of weeds in a small area or mild amount on a large area, can be impossible to control . So a Weed Spray Contractor is needed for this to break the cycle. One can spray themselves , but a Contractor is best to get  one week either side of 1st April where Summer weeds are dying and Winter  weed are about to sprout and vice versa for 1st September.
However a Contractor can add in a pre emergent spray also, meaning this will kill the sprouting weed seeds for up to 3 months. Doing this 2 to 4  times can break the weed seed cycle and give you minimal weeds in the future.
If you spray your own weeds, do so before weeds flower, stops weeds seeding  the next generation. Spray in the evening, keep kids and pets off and water away in the morning. Lawn needs to be in good health before spraying. Follow spray instructions  careful, lucky for Perth’s soils you can use 50% less amount.

Leave it to the pros! 

Homeowners who care about maintaining their property’s beauty and greenness will encounter weed invasion and pest infestations sooner or later. However, all is not lost with these annoying, uninvited guests! As your local turf experts, we have the right advice and expertise to help you banish those weeds and pests for a lush lawn across all four seasons.

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