Tips for Laying New Turf: A Guide to Achieving a Lush Green Lawn

Ready to give your outdoor space a green makeover? Laying new turf is the way to go! Whether you’re reviving a tired lawn, creating a garden oasis, or enhancing your property’s curb appeal, transforming your outdoor space into a vibrant, green landscape can make a real difference. 

In this article, we’re highlighting everything you need to know about tips for laying new turf. From prepping your soil and successfully laying your turf to keeping it all green and happy, we’ve got your back. As an industry leader in Perth and WA, Joondalup Turf Farm has been helping homes and businesses achieve thriving green lawns since 1986. Let’s dive in and turn your turf goals into a reality. 


Factors Influencing Turf Establishment

Establishing a vibrant green lawn requires careful consideration of several factors that significantly influence the success of turf installation. Choosing the right turf grass variety for Western Australia’s hot climate and your site’s soil conditions is vital. Factors such as sunlight exposure, water availability, and local climate are pivotal in determining your area’s most suitable grass type. Adequate watering is another important factor during the initial stages of turf establishment, helping the newly turf to take root and thrive. 

Joondalup Turf Farm offers the best grass varieties for Perth’s unique climate conditions. We help you choose the right turf type for your location, whether your home or business is along the coast or nestled in the hills. Our turf varieties are hard-wearing and built to withstand Perth’s challenging weather conditions, ensuring your lawn thrives year-round.


Preparing the Site for Installation

Proper preparation is key to successful turf installation. Start by clearing the area of debris, rocks, and existing vegetation, ensuring a clean surface for the new turf. Soil testing comes next, as it gives you an insight into the soil’s composition and nutrient levels. Based on the results, add the appropriate fertilisers or organic matter to the soil to create the best growing environment for the turf. 

Grading the site is equally important to ensure proper water drainage and prevent pooling, which can lead to uneven turf growth and potential issues with root health. Lastly, consider applying a high-quality topsoil to provide the turf with a nutrient-rich base. 

If you’re unsure about the best turf variety for your space or how to lay new turf, visit Joondalup Turf Farm in Perth for expert advice. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can assist you in making the proper selection. Remember, a well-prepared site sets the foundation for a lush, green lawn that lasts for years to come. 


How to Lay New Turf: Tips for Successful Turf Laying

Now that your site is ready, it’s time to lay your new turf. Follow these tips for a successful installation:

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: Take accurate measurements to avoid over-ordering or falling short on turf rolls. Joondalup Turf Farm’s fast pick-up option ensures you can have your order ready for collection within an hour.
  • Mind the Joints: Stagger turf rolls in a brick-like pattern to avoid visible seams and promote a smooth, natural look.
  • Water Immediately: Once laid, water your turf immediately. This ensures proper hydration and encourages quick root establishment.
  • Roll It Out: Use a lawn roller to eliminate air pockets and ensure good turf-to-soil contact. 
  • Follow the After-Care Plan: Joondalup Turf Farm provides a complimentary after-care plan that outlines the essential steps for maintaining your new lawn. Our after-care support is just a phone call away, with 20+ years of industry experience at your disposal.


Avoiding Common Mistakes

While installing turf is a straightforward process, avoiding common pitfalls is essential. Here are some mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting Soil Health: Healthy soil is the foundation of a thriving lawn. Ensure your soil is well-nourished with the proper nutrients before laying turf.
  • Ignoring Watering Needs: Consistent and proper watering is crucial during the initial weeks after installation. Avoid under or over-watering to prevent issues like root rot or drought stress.
  • Take Sunlight into Consideration: Different turf varieties have varying sunlight requirements. Choose a turf type that aligns with the sunlight conditions in your area.
  • Skipping Soil Testing: Conduct a soil test to identify nutrient deficiencies or pH imbalances. Adjust the soil accordingly for ideal turf growth.


Take the First Step Toward Your Dream Lawn: Visit Joondalup Turf Farm Today

Laying new turf is an exciting step toward achieving the lawn of your dreams. With the right knowledge and guidance from Joondalup Turf Farm, you’ll enjoy a lush green lawn and the ongoing support needed to keep it thriving. 

Ready to transform your outdoor space with the best turf in Perth? Joondalup Turf Farm is your trusted partner for premium roll-on turf. Visit our turf farm in Perth to pick up your new lawn grass today or call our experts for advice and assistance. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience, ensuring you get the quality and value you deserve. Make the most of your outdoor areas with Joondalup Turf Farm, where expertise meets convenience.