Top tips for a lush Aussie lawn

A healthy lawn is the hallmark of any well-managed landscape, and it’s all about having the right environment and maintenance for your lawn to thrive. As your local lawn experts, we have outlined our top tips to help keep your lawn looking its best across all four seasons!

Turf is an excellent feature of any landscape, and many people enjoy the feeling of lush, green grass under their feet. Not only is it uplifting (literally), but healthy turf can also increase property values, improve environmental sustainability, and enhance air quality. But caring for turf is more tricky than it seems and requires vital maintenance to keep it healthy and in tip-top shape. So pop on those gardening gloves; it’s time to get outdoors with our top tips for lawn care!

The basics

If you’re hunting for a way to keep your grass green and luscious, it’s essential to understand the basics of turf care. Whether you need general advice on maintaining a well-groomed yard or want more detailed information about a specific type of grass – our team at Joondalup Turf Farm have you and your turf needs covered!

Soil tips

Ensure that you have the correct type of soil for your turf type; this goes for any plant or vegetable that you are planting in your garden. The kind of soil will significantly impact the type of grass you can grow and the plants that can survive in that soil. The wrong kind of soil can be very detrimental to the health and appearance of your plants.

Mowing tips

The best time to mow turf in Australia is during the cooler months. In warmer months, the grass can get too hot and uncomfortable for people to walk on it. As your local turf experts, we recommend a ‘spring mowing’ or ‘winter upkeep’, depending on where in Australia you live.

It’s also important to keep your lawn free of pesky weeds. Weeds can become overgrown given the right conditions and quickly take over your lawn. So, be on the lookout for any unsightly sprouts growing where they shouldn’t!

Watering tips

To maintain a green lawn, you need to ensure that it’s receiving the right amount of water. Too much or too little can have unfortunate effects on the health of your lawn. It all depends on the type of turf you have, the amount of water in it, and sun exposure.

In Perth, the best time of day to water your lawn is in the early morning when the air has cooled, but there’s still some direct sunlight. This will save you on both water and power bills because watering at night or in the heat of the day will cause more evaporation and waste precious resources. A common misconception about lawn irrigation is that it’s necessary every day during summer. Once a week should be enough for most turf types during summer months, with twice-weekly watering needed for lawns exposed to hot afternoon sun or drought-prone conditions.

Fertilising tips

Using a lawn fertiliser is one of the best ways to improve your soil’s quality. Organic lawn fertilisers commonly utilise the powerful nutrients found in manure products and other naturally occurring substances. It’s also helpful to remember to lay down your fertiliser after mowing the lawn, as the process can become obsolete by removing natural goodness from the soil before it has a chance to work its magic. 

Fertilisers can vastly improve your garden’s soil quality and it’s easy to get started. Head to your nearest Bunnings or check out the top picks for lawn fertilisers here!

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