What’s The Best Lawn For You?

Joodalup Turf Farm - green grass football practice

Quick simple guide in choosing the right lawn for you. Front/Backyard, Shade, dogs, water etc.

Front yards – Wintergreen or Soft Buffalo are the best.

Backyards – as above, however if you have no garden beds or they are well protected, Kikuyu grass is ideal. It’s the easiest lawn to care for, and uses less water and fertiliser.

Shade – Soft Buffalo is the best, but Wintergreen and Kikuyu is good in shade. Just mow higher in winter.

Dogs – all lawns are good, super-active dogs, Kikuyu is the best here as it grows and repairs the fastest. Also possibly you may need to mow higher in the cooler months.

For more details, see Lawn Types.