How to keep your lawn looking its best during the winter season

wintergreen grass lawn

Just because winter has arrived, doesn’t mean you can completely abandon your lawn. Remember, what goes on in the soil beneath your lawn is just as important as the leafy green growth that you see on top. Whilst grass that grows in winter isn’t actively growing, and pulling out the mower is a rare occurrence this time of year, winter lawn care is still an important part of making sure your winter grass holds up well and is looking lush again come spring. For that extra help with your lawn care in winter, Joondalup Turf Farm has a new Winter Green grass perfect for retaining high colour with low maintenance in those low temperatures. 

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Although it may be tempting to stop with the yard work during the winter months, putting in good work during the cooler months can make your lawn look vibrant and healthy. But when it comes to winter lawn care, there are a few things you can do to make sure your lawn is getting the full top to toe treatment it needs.

  • Fertilizing

Mid to late Autumn is the perfect time to feed your lawn. Fertilising before it gets too cold allows your grass to absorb nutrients which it can store throughout the colder months. For the best root growth, choose a lawn fertiliser that is high in phosphorus, ideally between 10 to 15%, to aid the promotion of shoot and root growth. However, for even better results, have your lawn soil tested first to find out what nutrients it’s lacking and then purchase the appropriate lawn fertilizer for winter with the right combination of nutrients.


  • Mowing

Mowing is an important part of winter lawn care just as much as it is in the warmer seasons. Try to keep your grass between 2 to 2 and 1/2 inches tall to prevent a build-up of thatch and allow it to receive the sunlight it needs. Sunlight is vital to all lawns and with more cloudy days, less direct sunlight and shorter daylight hours, it’s important to keep your lawn trimmed and ready. Set your mower to cut higher than you would in summer to increase the amount of leaf area available to absorb the sunlight. However, you should never take more than one-third of the total leaf length off – always retain some green leaves. Keep in mind, no good job is done without the right working equipment. Winter is a great time to service all your lawn care equipment, to ensure your mowers blades are cutting sharp.

  • Weeding

For most of us, our lawn care in winter tends to slow down, but not those pesky weeds. Grass that grows in winter is often at its most vulnerable, which is when weeds start to take hold. Manually remove weeds as they appear, removing any seeds, the root system and any underground bulbs to prevent regrowth. It’s crucial to control any weeds from populating any further as this can eventually attract pests and diseases and can reduce the visual appeal of your lawn.

  • Watering

Over the winter period, you shouldn’t need to water your lawn too much, if at all. Over-watering growing grass in winter can only leave your lawn vulnerable to diseases such as fungi. So, switch off your timers and simply water on an as-needed basis. A general rule of thumb is that you’ll know if your lawn is dry if the leaves begin to curl. If so, give your winter grass a light sprinkling just before the sun comes up in the mornings.

Best Lawn Types for Winter

At Joondalup Turf Farm we have the solutions to all your winter lawn care needs to help keep your garden happy and healthy throughout the colder months.

Combat those winter struggles with our Wintergreen Grass! 

Developed to withstand even the harshest of climates, this 18mm turf is known for its high colour retention in partial shade and low winter temperatures. The Wintergreen Grass has a fine, dense and soft leaf texture, making it the perfect choice for Perth homes and commercial areas.

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