Helping Perth Stay Greener!

Up to 15% off Ending Soon Sale


Helping Perth Stay Greener!

Up to 15% off Ending Soon Sale


Helping Perth Stay Greener!

Up to 15% off Ending Soon Sale

  • Trading hours - open all week !

    Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm
    Saturday to Sunday 9am to 12:30pm
    (Sorry Closed all Public Holidays)

  • Lawns to Suit Your Every Need

    At Joondalup Turf Farm the expert team know that every lawn has its positive and negative points and it is about selecting the best lawn to suit the customer's requirements.

  • Installing a Lawn?

    We have years of experience and knowledge to share. From questions about watering to tips on fertilising and maintenance, the staff here at Joondalup are here to help.

  • Located 10 Mins From Wanneroo

    135 Wesco Rd, Nowergup 6032 (only 14 km North of Wanneroo & 10 km East of Quinns Rock)
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Welcome to Joondalup Turf Farm

image_home1 Lawn Types

Wintergreen: Ideal for a home or rental properties.

Soft Leaf Buffalo (Velvet): Ideal for family environments.

Original Common Buffalo: Ideal for tougher conditions such as front yards and verges.

Kikuyu: Ideal for ovals, large blocks and industrial estates.

image_home1 Lawn That Won’t Cost You the Earth

Joondalup Turf Farm: the best lawn in Perth since 1986.

Drive through the rich cultural suburb of Wanneroo to the niche Joondalup Turf Farm, north of Perth and choose your lawn at your convenience, 7 days a week. One of the only Perth turf farms open every day, we offer customers more than just lawn.

Your First Choice

Choose us for:

  • Valuable expert advice
  • Personalised friendly service
  • Choice of quality proven and weed free lawn types
  • Value for money in a proven solution
  • Essential ‘Lawn Care Plan’ included
  • Exceptional after sales care (advice hotline)
  • Quickest delivery service available
  • Flexibility for pick up yourself without pre-ordering

Joondalup Turf Farm is the big, small turf farm in Perth offering quality and value for money, for all Perth customers.

image_home1 What Your New Lawn Says About You

A house is not a home without lawns and gardens…

Your grass is more than just the surface where you socialise with friends or where your kids play; it is the ultimate dressing for you home and offers many benefits.

  1. Research shows lawn increases the appearance and value of a home
  2. It provides a safe play area for children and pets
  3. It promotes clean, fresh and oxygenated air
  4. It reduces noise and heat around your home
  5. It creates a relaxing setting to promote harmony

image_home2 Quickest Delivery

Offering the quickest delivery possible in Perth, Joondalup Turf Farm has a daily delivery service. Customers are also welcome to pick up their lawn from Joondalup Turf Farm, north of Perth, 7 days a week.


The Best Lawn Prices Perth

Joondalup Turf Farm offers value for money in a quality product that will outlast the test of time. Sorry, no card facilities are available – ensuring we can offer you the lowest possible prices.

Bonus Sale Offer

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We offer premium home turf supplies in Perth. Starter fertilisers are designed to grow the roots back as quick as possible, as well as promoting green lawns.

Quality Control for Home Turf Quality Control for Home Turf

Perth’s Joondalup Turf Farm provides quality tested and proven lawn types, supported by their partnerships with the TGA, TPI and Turf Australia organisations.

Free Advice Hotline Free Advice Hotline

Perth’s Joondalup Turf Farm offers a convenient hotline to provide customers with valuable support and advice. For the best lawn for sale in Perth or to source value prices and best advice, please contact the friendly team at Perth’s Joondalup Turf Farm on (08) 9407 4000.