Lawn Soil

We believe the first step to installing and maintaining healthy, long lasting lawns is to use a quality, water holding soil suited to Perth’s arid climate. The right lawn soil will provide nutrients, water and oxygen needed to promote lush growth, keep plants green, strengthen against weather extremes and help combat weed attacks. It will also hold onto water more effectively, requiring less watering.

Joondalup Turf Farm provides all customers with a comprehensive care plan booklet of essential tips for installing and maintaining their turf. We recommend brickies yellow sand (not garden yellow sand) as the ideal soil for Perth lawns. Brickies yellow sand is ideal as it contains a good amount of water holding clay, and is best spread between 6cm to 14cm or thicker.

For ground needing less fill use a thin layer (between 5mm and 10mm) of pure clay or a similar dense product and till into the ground creating a 6cm to 14cm layer of lawn soil. There are a number of hire places in Perth where you can hire a rotary hoe to make the tilling task easier.

Follow Our Easy Installation Guide for Roll-On Lawns

The key to sowing lush, resilient turf is to start with the right soil for Perth conditions. The basic steps to easy installation include:

  • Use quality water holding sand.
  • Level the surface, this will also ensure easier mowing later.
  • Let the grass take root, encourage it with regular watering in the first two to four weeks.
  • Maintain with effective watering, fertilising and mowing.

After Care

We offer after sales advice and products to help customers manage their new turf. Our range of starter fertilisers are designed to grow roots as quickly as possible, containing essential phosphate, potash, calcium and other minerals. Starter fertilisers encourage root shoots to grow deep into the soil, as well as promoting greener turf.

Consult Us

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