Original Buffalo Grass

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Perfect for tough conditions such as front yards and verges. The toughest buffalo grass turf on the Perth market, this lawn is hard wearing and lush, and has been used in Australia for more than 100 years. Will grow over Couch and other Soft Buffalo lawns but is still non-invasive to your garden beds. Joondalup Turf Farm is the only supplier of this roll-on lawn north of Perth. Thickness is 40mm.

Original Buffalo grass has a bigger leaf and stem and is a deep Brunswick green. It is a common misconception that this variety is prickly and itchy but this is only the case if it is not looked after properly.

Original Buffalo Ideal Uses

As a more hardwearing variety, Original Buffalo tends to dominate, although it is easy to pull out and control. Original Buffalo can handle high traffic areas including verges, is hardwearing for pets and is a tough and proven lawn overall, ideal for both commercial and residential. The species is also popular for Perth’s coastal residents as it is highly alkaline and resistant to tough conditions.


Original Buffalo is 40mm thick, with a similar installation method to Soft Buffalo.


Original Buffalo lawn requires similar maintenance regimes to other lawn varieties, although it is harder wearing and less demanding. We provide a Lawn Care Plan for each customer so your new grass has the best chance at survival.

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