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Kikuyu grass

Ideal for ovals, large blocks and industrial estates. Kikuyu grass is characterised by a light green colour and succulent style texture. This lawn requires little maintenance, and once established, will survive on little water, with a natural ability to stop weeds taking hold. Thickness is 25mm. (Supplied shredded or as runners)....

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Joondalup Turf Farm - Soft Buffalo Turf
Soft Buffalo Lawn in Perth

Soft Buffalo lawn is characterised by a soft, velvet green, lush texture, which retains its colour in part shade and during Perth’s winter months. Research shows Velvet Buffalo is comparatively better than other varieties on the Perth market for keeping its colour and for resistance to stress. ‘Out of 12 Soft...

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Wintergreen Grass

Wintergreen grass is characterised by a dark, fine leaf, and is the most popular hybrid Couch in the local region. Once established, Wintergreen will come back even if it is not watered during summer. Thickness is 18mm. With a fine, dense and soft leaf texture, making it a practical yet attractive...

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