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Quick Deliveries or Farm Pickups Today!

Please call us for Next Day Deliveries or Farm Pickup’s Mon, Thurs, Fri & Sat 8am to 12.30pm (ex p/h). We Deliver Monday to Saturday, next day delivery to all Perth's, Northern & Eastern suburbs.  (more…)

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Preparing truly flat & level soil (DIY)

Generally, one uses hand held sand levellers, to smooth & level soil, before laying down turf rolls. Truly flat & level, like a tennis court, one needs to level up with a straight screeder board on your hands & knees, like a brick paver. Ask us how, we have extra tips to make...

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Prevention is better than care

In Summer, with Perth's sandy soils, while watering gardens & lawns the water can repel & run off or not soak into the soil evenly. Prevent this by using a wetting agent twice a year ( Nov & Feb). All good turf farmers agree wetting agent is highly recommend. The best time to water turf...

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Natural green turf rolls are easy!

Top Tips, For Laying New Lawn Rolls Be sure a 15mm dip from the top of the paving down to the lawn. As lawns thicken over time. Level Up several times as to flatten soil as much as possible, no bumps, no dips ( prevents mower scalping ). Use a old or cheap...

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What’s The Best Lawn For You?

Quick simple guide in choosing the right lawn for you., Front/Backyard, Shade, dogs, water etc. (more…)

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