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Kikuyu Grass

 Kikuyu Grass – Succulent, Soft, Lighter Green

The Kikuyu Grass is characterised by a very succulent and soft leaf and is quick to recover in the heat. The texture of the lawn is quite soft and is a lighter lime green in colour when compared to other varieties.

The Kikuyu Lawn can be invasive, so it is a good idea to keep this in mind when considering a specific application. Very popular on East Coast, the Kikuyu variety requires little maintenance.

Other lawn varieties come and go, however the types offered by Joondalup Turf Farm are the most suited to Perth conditions.

 Kikuyu Ideal Uses

Ideal for Commercial Applications

The Kikuyu lawn is ideally utilised in commercial applications including sporting ovals, parks and gardens, industrial settings or even for residential applications where there are no garden beds.

The nature of Kikuyu makes it ideal for reducing injuries and falls during sporting activities or where children are concerned, as the lawn is quite soft and springy.

Kikuyu Grass Installation & Maintenance

The Kikuyu grass is 25mm in thickness on the roll and is supplied in shredded or runners. The Kikuyu lawn is so easy to grow and just needs water. The Kikuyu grass requires the least amount of fertiliser out of any other lawn.

Once established, Kikuyu will survive on little water and has a natural ability to stop weeds taking hold. More people are starting to wake up to the benefits of this lawn.

Kikuyu Lawn

Kikuyu Lawn, Features are More Popular Each Year

  • Grass around buildings helps to retard the spread of fire
  • A square metre of lawn provides enough oxygen for one person for an entire day!
  • The aromas released by freshly mown lawns are believed to make people feel happier and more relaxed, as well as helping to prevent a mental decline in old age!

Sourced from Turf Facts and figures from the Lawn Mowers Association & Health News Article by Nicola Conville.

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