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Buffalo Grass

 GRASS Tough, Soft and Attractive

Soft Buffalo Grass is known as Perth’s best soft buffalo!

The Soft Buffalo Grass is characterised by a soft, velvet green lush texture, which retains its colour in part shade and over winter.

Research Shows

Research shows the Velvet Buffalo is the best lawn type compared with other buffalos, for keeping its colour and for resistance to stress. Joondalup Turf Farm advises to be aware that many other heavily advertised buffalos did not rate as highly as the ‘Velvet Buffalo’ in tests.

‘Out of 12 soft buffalo University studies, Joondalup’s Velvet variety comes top of the list for tough wearing in stressful conditions.’

Soft Buffalo Ideal Uses

ideal for family environments

Soft Buffalo is a non-itchy type of Buffalo, which was developed as an alternative to the Tough or Original Buffalo grass variety. Characterised by a smaller leaf and stem, the Soft Buffalo is more succulent, tender and soft to touch.

It is a non-invasive lawn perfect for children and families and ideal for use in kids play areas, backyards, lower traffic areas, partly shaded areas and mainly for residential or smaller applications.

Soft Buffalo Installation & Maintenance

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The thickness of the roll of Soft Buffalo grass is 35mm and installation is fairly simple. Joondalup Turf Farm can provide further advice on the installation for your lawn variety.

To maintain the appearance of Soft Buffalo grass it should ideally be mowed every 10-14 days at a height of approximately 8-12mm during summer. During winter mow the lawn every 3-5 weeks and raise the mowing height to approximately 12-16mm. It is ideal to ensure adequate watering and fertilisation especially leading into winter.

image_home1 Original Buffalo Grass

Extremely Tough and Long Wearing

The Original Buffalo is known by many different names including: Original Buffalo Grass, Tough Buffalo Grass, Common Buffalo Grass and Saint Augustine. The Original Buffalo Grass is the toughest buffalo lawn on the market utilised in Australia for over 100 years and will grow over couch and other soft buffalo lawns but is still non-invasive to your garden beds.

*Joondalup Turf Farm is the only supplier of this lawn, north of Perth.

The Original Buffalo grass has a bigger leaf and stem and is a deeper Brunswick green. It is a common misconception that this lawn variety is prickly and itchy but this is only the case if it is not looked after properly.

Brown or yellow Original Buffalo which is under stress will affect the condition of the lawn. Customers with any concerns can chat to the Joondalup team for advice or can utilise The Soft Buffalo Lawn instead.

Buffalo Grass

Original Buffalo, for that Special Home

Soft Velvet Buffalo, Perth's Best, Soft

Soft Velvet Buffalo, Perth’s Best, Soft

Original Buffalo Ideal Uses

Ideal for tougher conditions, where most others will die

As a more hardwearing variety of lawn, the Original Buffalo tends to dominate, although it is easy to pull out and control. The Original Buffalo can handle high traffic including areas verges, is hardwearing for pets and is a very tough and proven lawn overall, ideal for many applications both commercial and residential.

The Original Buffalo Lawn can even grow close the ocean, as it is highly alkaline and resistant to tough conditions.


The roll on thickness of the Original Buffalo lawn is 40mm, with a similar installation to the Soft Buffalo; only it is thicker.

Original Buffalo Grass Maintenance

The Original Buffalo Lawn requires similar maintenance regimes to other lawn varieties, although it is harder wearing and less demanding.

Interesting Lawn Facts & Tips

  • On a block of 8 average houses, front lawns have the cooling effect of 70 tonnes of air conditioning!
  • Turf controls dust, in addition to pollen from plants that can cause serious health problems for some individuals.

Turf Facts and figures from the Lawn Mowers Association.

For Advice

Contact the friendly team at Joondalup Turf Farm for specific advice, keeping in mind it is critical to catch a problem early for the best results. A ‘Lawn Care Plan’ is available for each customer.

For turf supplies in Perth, the best lawn for sale in Perth or to source lawn prices and advice, please contact the friendly team at Joondalup Turf Farm: (08) 9407 4000.