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Kikuyu is the Turf Surface of Choice for Sports & Commercial Applications

Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu grass is characterised by a very succulent and soft leaf and is quick to recover in the heat, making it a hardy turf variety to withstand Perth summers. The texture of the lawn is quite soft and is a lighter lime green in colour when compared to other varieties. Kikuyu requires low maintenance, needing little water and minimal fertiliser, making it an excellent choice for Perth gardens looking to limit water consumption. However, it can be invasive so it’s best used for commercial applications or contained within kerbed or paved areas.

Kikuyu is a great low maintenance choice for:

  • Sporting ovals
  • Parks & gardens
  • Industrial settings

Kikuyu can even be used in Perth yards for good coverage and where there are no garden beds. The soft and springy nature of Kikuyu means it is often chosen as a sports turf to reduce injuries and falls during sporting activities. Its soft but hard wearing capabilities also make it a safe ground cover for children’s play areas.

Installation & Maintenance

Kikuyu grass is 25mm in thickness on the roll and is supplied shredded or in runners. Installation is simple and similar to our other varieties of Buffalo and Wintergreen lawns. Although hardy, we recommend preparing the area with yellow builders’ sand to give your new lawn the best chance at survival.

Once installed, the lawn is easy to grow and the established turf needs water, requiring the least amount of fertiliser out of any other lawn. Once established, Kikuyu will survive on little water and has a natural ability to stop weeds taking hold. More people are starting to realise the benefits of Kikuyu due to its fast growing and low maintenance requirements.

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